We devise and develop tailor-made research projects employing the most creative tools and innovative methodologies supported by the latest technology. Our research is systematic and generates clear and incisive reports which enable our clients to make the right decisions. We deliver insight crucial to generating more effective marketing actions, helping our clients achieve more.
For over ten years we have been immersed in the worlds of children, teens, and young adults. We understand the dynamics of these segments; we understand where and how to approach them, how to listen to them, how to interpret them. We know the path they are taking, and we move on that path alongside them. This closeness we have achieved is crucial to choosing the right approach for each new project. And with the right approach, we consistently provide truly eye-opening results for our clients.
We are highly conscious of the sensitive nature of eliciting opinions from children and young people, as we are of their rights and the guaranties they are entitled to. We work within a strict ethical framework as set out by international market research codes of conduct. Our clients can rest assured that their brands’ association with Imaginaria is based on and will convey the utmost ethical and professional responsibility.
"We observe, analyze, and investigate, studying the lives of children, teens, and millennials in Latin America on an ongoing basis. We provide clients with an understanding of the world of young people and how that world is changing, and we give them the keys to access that world and to operate within it. "

Qualitative and quantitative research employing traditional techniques, creative methodologies, and innovative tools that generate accurate and specific information that our clients can use.

Why develop a research project with Imaginaria?

• We understand the specific needs of each client and we deliver concrete answers to the questions they want answered.
• We rigorously apply research techniques specific to each age group.
• We customize research combining an array of innovative and traditional research tools and techniques in order to maximize the effectiveness of each and every project.
• We are extremely cost-conscious, optimizing the efficiency of our structure so that our clients receive maximum return on their research spending.
• While we are experts in the 4 to 25 age segments, we also have significant experience applying our research creativity and professional commitment to other segments and sectors of the markets throughout Latin America.

Conexión is an Imaginaria exclusive report that gives subscribers an insider’s view of the world of a chosen segment, their world as seen and described by its protagonists.

Conexión gives clients a clear understanding of a segment’s context, where they fit within that context, and where they are headed. What they think, what they talk about, their likes and dislikes, their purchases, their dreams, what motivates them, what defines them, and what excites them. Conexión identifies the way that a segment interprets and analyzes the messages that they receive, the way that the media, brands, and society speak to them and what they hear.

Conexión reports are created through the use of traditional research tools in combination with new and creative methodologies designed specifically for the segment to be analyzed. The result is an innovative and singular product that includes information and testimony straight from the minds and mouths of participants. Conexión provides a flow of constant reference material invaluable to different areas within both companies and institutions.

To read Conexión is to immerse oneself in the world of its participants, and to obtain the insights and understanding crucial to operating within that world.

Reasons for choosing Conexión:

• Because Conexión provides the context necessary to better understand a segment, or to fully understand information obtained from a specific study.
• Because Conexión delivers an opportunity to listen directly to the voices of the actors within the segment, to connect with them and to generate more focused actions that satisfy their actual needs and expectations.
• Because Conexión reports are available NOW! And sometimes there is just not enough time to wait for the results of a tailor-made research project.


Available reports


published : 10/2015

Conexión #5 Jóvenes / Young People

published : 09/2013

Conexión Tweens

published : 01/01/2013

The rise of social networks has created a new, highly pro-active generation of young people willing to express their opinions and anxious to be heard. When the goal is to listen to what children, teens, and young adults are saying, doing so on the internet is an absolute must.

We have developed online research platforms for our clients with both open and closed panels that enable live monitoring of the interests and opinions of young people in a space that is theirs. We generate real-time information based on immediate results and permanent tracking, information that provides concrete answers to our clients’ questions every day.

Why choose research online through Imaginaria’s exclusive platforms?

• Because they produce instant information on a permanent basis that we use to deliver constantly-updated reports with clear and incisive analysis and conclusions.
• Because our platforms gather information on national and regional levels, providing greater certainty for our clients to make decisions and act when and where they choose.
• Because our platforms and research tools are flexible and are easily modified to include new areas of study to meet our clients’ specific needs.
• Because our platforms are easily adaptable to different segments and different sectors of the economy and society.

We are a group of multi-disciplinary professionals that bring varied expertise and a combination of visions to every project. We provide tailor-made products that enable us to deliver on our commitment to giving our clients the answers they need at the most competitive cost.



Sofía started her professional career as a researcher 10 years ago. She is currently in charge of managing international projects and the developing of new research methodologies on and off line."I like to devise and create each project according to each clients needs".



Magali has been working in market research for 15 years and urrently specializes in understanding children and young people from Latin America, thus providing tools for companies to connect with these targets. 
"What motivates me the most is to look at reality from different points of view."

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